Excellent Beers & Beards Abound at Großen Bart Brewery

Review of Großen Bart Brewery in Longmont, CO | http://bottlemakesthree.com

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! We hope you’re all getting ready for a few days off to relax, recharge, and remember the meaning of this holiday. We certainly are ready for a break from the daily grind! However before we head off to celebrate, we have one more brewery review for you this week. As you may remember, earlier this month we headed north to Longmont to visit a few breweries. Our first stop was 300 Suns Brewing, which we reviewed on Monday. On that same Saturday, after our visit to 300 Suns, we finally made our way over to try some beers at Großen Bart Brewery.

Before we get started, let’s get this out of the way. Großen Bart Brewery is not the easiest name to deal with. We’re not 100% certain that the “ß” symbol will show up correctly on your browser when we post this article. In German, “ß” stands in for the letters “ss”, so you may see the name listed as Großen Bart or Grossen Bart, and both are right. We’re going to use the official name as listed on the website, Großen Bart, although in some instances WordPress seems to revert this to Grossen Bart, so you may see it both ways. If this is too confusing for you, well, I guess we’re sorry. Now go get a beer & get over it. On to the important stuff……

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Left Hand’s new Introvert Session IPA

Left Hand Brewing's Introvert Session IPA | http://bottlemakesthree.com

The weather in Colorado has been a bit frightful lately. The past few weeks have been fairly Seattle-like, as cloudy days and chilly rain has preempted our normal warm, sunny Colorado weather. But don’t let the forecast fool you, spring has sprung, and summer is just around the corner. Summer brings with it the promise…

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Brewery Review: 300 Suns Brewing

Brewery Review: 300 Suns Brewing in Longmont, CO | http://bottlemakesthree.com

Recently we’ve been refocusing our efforts on visiting ALL the great breweries in Colorado. At this point we’ve lost track of how many actual breweries exist in the state, but it’s somewhere around 250+ or so, and we’ve only visited around half of them. The horror! To help get us back on track we decided…

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Keeping Up with Colorado Beer Events


TGIF! Can you believe how fast this year is passing us by? Just last Sunday we had snow in Colorado, and now we’re a week away from Memorial Day weekend. WTH? Memorial Day kicks summer into full gear, and serves as the official start of the outdoor drinking season!  From now until roughly September/October, you can…

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American Craft Beer Week Events

American Craft Beer Week Events | bottlemakesthree.com

We are halfway through American Craft Beer Week, folks. Have you done enough to properly celebrate all the mirth and merriment that accompanies this week of craft beer wonderfulness? No? Well don’t fret, because as we approach the weekend there are still plenty of great events on the ACBW calendar. Today we’re highlighting a few…

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Infographic: American Craft Beer Week, May 11-17, 2015


As if we didn’t celebrate beer every day, we all have special occasion to celebrate the frothy, fermented beverage next week. May 11-17 is American Craft Beer Week, and special celebrations and events will take place all across the country. In observance of this special holiday, CraftBeer.com has created an interactive infographic to provide fun facts…

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Exploring Florida’s Craft Beers

Exploring Florida Craft Beers - Cigar City Brewing Co, Tampa FL | BottleMakesThree.com

In case you noticed, we’ve been on a bit of a sabbatical from the blog the past several weeks. We took a small break from writing – first to take a trip to visit family in Florida, and then to catch up from the work that piled up while we were away. The extra catch-up work was totally…

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