6 Great Colorado Beer Gifts

There are just 10 more days until Christmas! If you still have holiday shopping to do we know that can set you into panic mode, but if you are in Colorado and want to get some fun and creative gifts for your Colorado beer lovers, there is still time. In the last of our three-part great holiday beer gift series we’re going to feature a few wonderful beer or booze themed gifts you can get right here in Colorado. Some still require mailing, so quit your procrastinating and get to it!

If you missed our earlier posts, be sure you also check out 21 Great Gifts for Beer Lovers, and 11 Awesome Gifts for Homebrewers…. but not until after you read today’s post: 6 Great Colorado Beer Gifts: 

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11 Awesome Gifts for Homebrewers


We hope you enjoyed our post earlier in the week, 21 Great Gifts for Beer Lovers. If you have a homebrewer (or homebrewer wanna-be) on your shopping list this year, today we bring you 11 more ideas perfect for the homebrewer. It’s not too late to order these for the holidays, but act fast! Play your cards right and you will find something your homebrewer will swoon over, and they’ll be so thankful that they’ll reward you with lots of beer in the new year. Win/Win!

Chris and I got started homebrewing because she wanted a Mr. Beer for her birthday a few years ago. After one batch, we were both hooked. We quickly moved on to a full 5-gallon system, and after a lot of batches (good and bad) we’re finally taking the plunge into all-grain brewing. As a hobby it can be addictive, so be warned. In the craziest of cases it can even inspire you to start visiting lots of local breweries and eventually start-up your own beer blog – you just never know. But on the upside, you’ve got the beer. That’s pretty freaking awesome.

So sit back, grab a beer (preferably a homebrew) and let’s do some shopping with our list of 11 Awesome Gifts for Homebrewers:

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21 Great Gifts for Beer Lovers

Gifts for Beer Lovers | Bottlemakesthree.com

It’s holiday time, and if you’re like us then in between your company parties and overdoing it on nog, you’re probably stressing about what to get everyone on your holiday gift list. Well worry no more, our holly-jolly friends! Today we are here to help with a selection of fun and fabulous gift ideas for…

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Fun and Games at 38 State Brewing Company

38 State Brewing in Littleton, CO | BottleMakesThree.com

If there is one thing true about people who live in Colorado, it’s that we’re all fiercely proud to live in Colorado. You can find our state flag on hats and hoodies, shirts and stickers, and just about everything in between. We probably have at least a dozen items in our house emblazoned with our Colorado…

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Lost Highway Brewing Company

Lost Highway Brewing Co, Denver CO | BottleMakesThree.com

At long last, Lost Highway Brewing Company is finally open. Can you even believe it?  The sign for this brewery on Colfax has been up forever, and after no activity for such a long time we’d basically written them off. Then they surprised us by finally opening their doors this past September in the space they’ve…

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Crooked Stave, and Why You Should Try Sour Beers

Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project | BottleMakesThree.com

It’s just a few days until Thanksgiving and this year we’ve decided to pass on our typical wine pairings and enjoy some beer with our holiday meal. But not just any beer. This year we’ll be pairing several great Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project sour beers with our turkey dinner. Much like wine, these tart…

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