Jeff + Chris + Beer = Bottle Makes Three!

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Hi, we’re Jeff and Chris.  Welcome to our little beer blog!

Here’s what you need to know about us:  We love each other, we love beer, and we love Colorado.  We realize how extremely fortunate we are to be living in beautiful, beer-loving paradise.   We have amazing breweries and brew pubs all over the state, with new ones opening all the time.  In the summer months, it’s possible to visit a different beer festival nearly every weekend.   As if that’s not enough, each fall Denver is host to the Great American Beer Festival.   Yes, we know we’re very lucky, so we decided to write about all the fun we’re having!

Once we decided to start this site, we thought we needed a goal to keep us writing.   It didn’t take long to figure out that what we wanted to do was to visit ALL the breweries in Colorado and write about our experiences.   What better way to combine the things we love:  beer, travel, and finding new places to explore in our beautiful state.  That’s how our own personal Beer Tour of Colorado challenge was born.

Please know that we’re not beer snobs, and certainly not proclaiming to be beer experts.   Everything we know was self-taught by drinking lots of beer, and brewing our own beers at home.   We also know that this website isn’t going to cure cancer or solve any world problems; it’s all pretty self-indulgent, really.  Our goal with this site is just to share all the good beers we have, all the great places we visit, and all the fun we have along the way.  We also want a place to keep track of our own home brewing adventures, including both the very successful batches and the wildly disappointing ones.

Thanks for stopping by!

Jeff & Chris