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C&J at Oskar Blues (photo by Jessica Judkins)

Hi, we’re Chris and Jeff.  Welcome to Bottle Makes Three!

You could say that a bottle has been a part of our relationship since the beginning.  We met in 1999 over cocktails at happy hour.  Our first date consisted of bar and brewery hopping around Denver.  Our first kiss was such a boozy blur we still don’t agree about who instigated it, but we do know that vodka played a pretty big role.   With more than a decade of good times behind us, the bottle has often played a role in some of our most memorable times.  Clearly, we’re a three-some.

While we love all types of booze, over the years we’ve cultivated a great appreciation of craft beer.  Living in Colorado means we’re blessed with hundreds of craft breweries, countless beer festivals, and the mack-daddy of annual beer events:  the Great American Beer Festival.  Originally we started Bottle Makes Three to keep track of the breweries we visited, the beers we drank, and the batches of homebrew we were learning to make.   Over time we have learned more the craft behind making great beers, and with this knowledge our appreciation and enjoyment of the beverage has grown.

We write about stuff that interests us, whether it be about breweries we’ve visited, events, beers, or something else.  We hope to be informative, or at least somewhat entertaining.  We don’t consider ourselves to be experts, just passionate beer enthusiasts.  If you want a technical review from a beer judge, you may want to visit another website.  However, if you want a real-talk recommendation from someone who could be your drinking buddy, well then you’ve found the right place.

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Have something to say?  Want to recommendation a beer we should try or place we need to visit for a drink?  We love your comments and are happy to receive ideas for new content, so drop us a line here:

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