Hi. We’re Jeff and Chris, and we love craft beer.

It was early 2012, and we had driven up to Longmont to check out Oskar Blues for the first time. Along the way we came up with a brilliant idea: why not visit all the craft breweries in Colorado? There were only about 140 at the time, and we figured it would be a fun and exciting way to explore are state and enjoy our passion for craft beer. It was then that we decided to create Bottle Makes Three to share the stories of our adventures. We thought that the whole project would take about a year…

Fast forward to 2015, and the number of breweries in Colorado has nearly doubled, with new breweries opening almost every week. Have we been to them all? Hell no! But that’s okay, because this journey has been so much fun that we don’t need to reach our original destination. Now we use Bottle Makes Three as a way to share our craft beer passion with you, by providing you all the news, events and happenings in the beer world – both inside of Colorado and beyond our borders. Think of us as your beer geek best friends. We’ll share with you ideas of where to drink, recommendations of what to drink, and we’ll let you know about upcoming boozy happenings and events.

We hope that Bottle Makes Three will educate, or in the very least, entertain you. Most of all we hope it inspires you to try some great new beers, visit your local brewery, or just get out and enjoy some fun in your community. Go have an adventure!

Not a beer lover?

Nonsense! There is a beer out there for everyone, with so many styles and flavors that we’re almost certain everyone can find a beer to love. If that doesn’t convince you, stick around anyway. In addition to beer we will occasionally bring you stories on fine spirits, craft distilleries, wineries, food festivals and much more. Bottom line, if we hear of something that’s new, fun and/or delicious, we want to share it with you. We’re also open to your suggestions about what we should write about next.

Want to get in touch with us?

If you’ve got something to say, we want to hear from you. We love to get your suggestions, recommendations and feedback. You can reach the Bottle Makes Three team via social media or email using the links below. Follow us and never miss a blog post, a drunken tweet, or other silly shenanigans!


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