Hi!  We’re Jeff and Chris, and we like beer.

Living in Colorado we are spoiled with a fantastic craft beer scene, filled with countless breweries and awesome beer festivals. At Bottle Makes Three we aim to bring you stories of what’s new and exciting in our beer landscape, both inside and outside of Colorado. Think of us as your beer geek best friends. We’ll give you tips on where to drink, what to drink, keep you posted on fun upcoming events, and serve up plenty of news about the beer industry in general.

Don’t like beer? Nonsense! There is a beer out there for everyone, and we want to help you find your new favorite. If that doesn’t work, never fear. We’ll also occasionally bring you stories on fine spirits, craft distilleries, wineries, food festivals and more.  In short if we learn about something fun and/or delicious, we’ll tell you all about it.

We hope that Bottle Makes Three will inspire you to try some great new craft beers, visit your local brewery, or just get out and enjoy some fun in your community. Go have an adventure!


Jeff & Chris